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Fun Training, Serious Results (eBook)


“Fun Training, Serious Results” provides the monthly training resources for your business.

This week’s manager meeting was pretty cool. Entering into everyone’s favorite time of the year “Christmas” so I decided to put a little spunk into our meeting. Each week I base my manager meeting out of the “Trainertainment’s Fun Training Serious Results” book I have. This week we did the activity “Talking Behind Your Back”- Each mgr taped a piece of paper behind their back and we all walked around and wrote (1) positive thing about that persons management style. Afterwards we read everything out loud. It’s amazing the looks, and expressions on everyone’s faces when reading positive things about themselves. This exercise really brought us closer together, and RAISED the moral even higher. Pretty cool Training Exercise Beth! I’m sure the webinar today will be AMAZING! Thanks”

-James Sowell, GM Gattitown SugarLand

This product is an instant download and requires Adobe Reader.