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TrainerTainment Launches Education Division with “Every Kid Counts” Program

Dr. Lisa Carlon

“Turnover is high in the hospitality world. Too many employers think employees are disposable and too many employees think jobs are disposable,” says Beth Standlee. “I believe we all have a responsibility to help first-time employees “grow up” in the work world through ongoing coaching. Training is not a single event.”

Educator Dr. Lisa Carlon has joined TrainerTainment as the director of its new education division. Carlon has more than 28 years of experience as an educational coach, school administrator, classroom teacher and technology instructor in Arkansas and Missouri. She has also served as a consultant to several school districts on the development and implementation of training programs for teachers and students.

Carlon will direct the pilot program of “Every Kid Counts” that will begin early in 2020. In the first project phase she will test the program materials in a classroom setting with local high school students in Arkansas. She will also enlist an informal “think tank” of educational colleagues and experts to evaluate the materials during the testing period. “I’ve got some teachers willing to let me try out some of the activities so that I can see how they work with our target age group,” says Carlon.

The plan is to have a complete program ready by the end of Q1 2020. TrainerTainment will then begin training independent trainers around the country with the goal of rolling out the program nationwide over the next three years.

“TrainerTainment is very excited about our alliance with Dr. Lisa Carlon,” says Beth Standlee. “We share the belief that “Every Kid Counts” and we’re confident that our combined talent and experience will create programs that can prepare students for the workplace and help employers provide meaningful first-time work experiences for them.”



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