Phone Etiquette


Do you know what happens when people call your center? Have you had the time to teach and train phone etiquette? Have you left it up to the individual to decide how they are going to handle a guest over the phone? Many times the first time a potential guest interacts with your center is over the phone. Make sure your team understands the art of connecting over the phone!


  • Connect with your phone customers right away!
  • Learn the hows and whys to moderating your pace, pitch, and tone to sound more professional.
  • Learn to transform negative language into positive language that your customers will react to!
  • Get the keys to great listening while on the phone
  • Learn the steps to success for many over-the-phone-scenarios!

Course Item

  • Phone Etiquette Lesson 1: How
    30 minutes
  • Phone Etiquette Lesson 2: What
    30 minutes
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