Party Host Training


Looking for a way to create consistency with your Party Host Training? Wish your hosts would interact and create those memorable birthday moments? This course is sure to turn your birthday party hosts into birthday party superstars. With this 2 lesson interactive learning package your party hosts are able to hold a “virtual party” before they ever get in front of a mom or a birthday honoree. She or he can make mistakes that won’t hurt your business. This course is a “must have” if you want to have an amazing Birthday Party Program.


  • Become the awesome host both kids and parents ask for!
  • Consistently perform duties at a high level, satisfying parents, kids and management.
  • Always have the tools and supplies on hand to ensure success AND a constant presence with the party.
  • Know the right time to use the right resources for excellent service.
  • Impress the parents by smoothly handling challenges like a pro!

Course Item

  • Party Host Training Lesson 1: Background and Tools
    30 minutes
  • Party Host Training Lesson 2: What’s in a Party?
    30 minutes
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