Birthday Sales

SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2022 

THE BIRTHDAY Sales Conference

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The Birthday Sales Conference experience promises to transform your birthday party program. We take a deep dive into the most relevant components of your party program. The time is NOW to ramp back up and deliver memories at the highest level.

  • Product – Get the PRODUCT Right… right mix, right experience, right price for everything right now…
  • Process – Focus on the Sales PROCESS… Do you want to sell parties or take orders? Implement a sales process that is sure to improve party sales, not just year over year but week over week!.
  • People – Find the best PEOPLE to implement your party program. The birthday girl or boy, man or woman, gets to have this year’s birthday exactly 1 time. Having the right host delivering the most memorable experience sets you apart from your competition and keeps everyone coming back for more!
  • Party – Create an experience no one ever forgets. PARTY like they’ve never partied before. This conference promises to give you low to no costs ways to make your parties better than all the rest!

The Birthday Sales Conference

Alley Cats Entertainment

609 NE Loop 820
Hurst, Texas 76053

Hotel – TBD

Additional Information
Lunch provided on
Wednesday and Thursday
Optional Gathering on
Wednesday evening
Transportation not provided


$249 per seat

Thank you to our 2022 conference partners

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