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Track Sales All Year to Help Crush Your Goals!

At the end of last year, we talked about what Scorecards are and how they can help provide clear communication, accountability, results tracking, and seeing issues before it’s too late. If this is your first time hearing about a scorecard, be sure to check out this article. To grow your sales, you need a strategic…

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A Recipe For Selling

a recipe for selling

One of my obsessions is watching the Tasty Presents videos on cooking. I love to cook and thank God I am blessed with the gift of being an amazing cook. People ask all the time how I was able to become a good cook. There are two secrets to it: practice and a recipe. It’s…

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2019 Reach Calendar

The TrainerTainment reach calendar is your go-to sales and marketing plan! Each month we have laid out marketing ideas and promotions that are sure to help you increase brand awareness and most importantly sales. In addition, we have listed each week who you should be reaching out to for groups and/or birthday parties in order…

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Our Favorite Books From 2018 To Grow Your Business

The entire TrainerTainment team loves to read. Constantly getting to grow and learn is one of the best parts of our job. We take learning so seriously that intentional learning is one of our team’s core values. Our company defines intentional learning as forward-thinking – anticipating future needs and learning more, reading and asking questions,…

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FEC Marketing Made Easy: Marketing Ideas For The New Year

marketing made easy

Recently I asked a few people if they had already planned their marketing calendar for 2019 and I was surprised so many told me no. I’m huge on planning! I typically start planning in July for the following year. You may be thinking, “Well, you are the marketing director. We don’t have one of those.…

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A Team Filled With Thankfulness


On Thursday, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I love this time of year. It’s a chance for all of us to reflect on so much and take a look at all the things we are thankful for. As a company, we are thankful for our team, partners in the industry, and most of all our…

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Headed to IAAPA Next Week?

IAAPA is next week and we are excited to see everyone. Be sure to swing by booth 3026 and talk to us about growing your business. We know the week is long and can feel overwhelming with over 1100 vendors on the 575,000+ square feet of trade show space, but don’t miss out on one…

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