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7 Key Components to Have Effective Meetings

effective meetings

When I came on board with TrainerTainment six years ago, there were only a couple of us on the team. We would have very long meetings that did not always solve the issues we needed to solve in order to move the company forward. That was true until we implemented Level 10 Meeting™ from EOS®.

In the last five years, we have had weekly Level 10 Meeting™ meetings that move our business forward significantly. We have implemented this process through our Business Coaching program to help clients grow their business too.

Recently I had a discussion with my husband about team meetings. He is the executive director for first-year students at a community college that serves over 150,000 students in the Houston area. It’s been challenging in this position and he’s ready to stop having team meetings and go to only one-on-one meetings. Team meetings had become unproductive, ineffective, and didn’t accomplish anything to move the program forward. It got me thinking about how many other businesses feel frustrated by these same type of meetings and quit having meetings too.

Having effective meetings is an essential part of moving your business forward and getting everyone on your team on the same page. Here are the seven key components that will help you have successful meetings.

  1. Check In With Each Other

At the start of every meeting, we spend a few minutes checking in with each other. Each person talks about their personal and business best for the week. Checking in gives us the opportunity to congratulate or support our team and starts the meeting off in a positive way.

  1. Scorecard

Scorecards are a must for any company and any department. Scorecards help us stay on target to reach goals and give us the pulse of how our company is doing. Reviewing the most important things each week allows us to see if we are on or off track. Anything that’s not getting done goes right to the Issues list.

  1. Review Your Rocks

Each quarter we set rocks. Rocks are the things we need to accomplish in the next 13 weeks that will help us move the company further. Rocks also serve as ways for every person to be accountable for what they are working on. There is no question if any person on the team is doing what they need to do to accomplish the goal.

  1. Headlines

We are all moving at a million miles an hour so sometimes we miss something that happened in the center. It could be a team member who was able to go above and beyond to make someone’s day or there was a customer situation that was a learning opportunity for next time. Headlines are a great way to communicate recognition or opportunities in your center.

  1. To-Dos

Ever feel like something was delegated but didn’t get done? Keeping track of to-dos and reporting on them each week will help the team feel a sense of accomplishment and encouragement as well as seeing if help is needed sooner rather than later.

  1. Tackling Opportunities

Issues are opportunities to learn. First, you need to identify the issues. Finding the real issue isn’t always easy and you will have to dig. Once you’ve found the issue, discuss it, and then solve it, be done with it.

  1. Check Out

At the end of each meeting, everyone gets to rank the meeting on a scale of 1 to 10 and spend a few minutes going over messages that need to cascade down to other departments or team members. The goal is to have 10s, but it won’t happen every week.

Don’t miss an opportunity to understand each person’s score by knowing a) what the best thing that happened in the meeting was and b) what could have made the meeting better. Checking out this way helps the learning process and makes meetings better.

We hope these seven things will provide an agenda for your meetings and give you insight into how meetings can be more effective. If you want to dig in and learn how to change the way you do business, be sure to join us for our Business Coaching conference in October. Not only will you learn to have highly effective meetings, you will also change the way you do business from hiring and firing to keeping everyone accountable.






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