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Xpress Training

Xpress Training™ is TrainerTainment´s own subscription–based training tool. You can now have professional training anytime and anywhere!

By subscribing to our service you'll have access to many of the professional tools we use ourselves! With Xpress Training you will receive:

Training Tools

  • Birthday System Forms to get your birthday parties on track
  • All Training DVDs in streaming video – Birthday Parties, Train the Trainer, Hosting Chaos Free Birthday Parties, and corporate parties (over a $500 value!)
  • Webinar Archive – view all of our past TrainerTainment webinars
  • Train the Trainer - Staff training from our book Fun Training, Serious Results.
  • Sales methods that work (The SQF)
  • Revenue Calculators
  • Promotions Materials

How To Turn Group & Birthday Guests Into Repeat Customers

It's always a lot easier and less expensive to have a current guest return to your facility. The costs associated with acquiring a new guest are astronomical! Attend this webinar to gather and share top tips that are sure to keep your Group and Birthday guest returning to your center for more fun throughout the year!