Eric Tyrell, Advanced Sales Conference

Beth and the TrainerTainment team have such a genuine passion, energy and enthusiasm that you can't help but want to learn more from them. TrainerTainment's conferences are the perfect way to meet new people in the industry, learn impactful, new business strategies and have fun while doing it! I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to attend a TrainerTainment event to do so. You'll be sure to gain a new outlook on the way you operate your business!

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Sales Conference

Increasing your Group and Party sales creates a strong foundation your Family Entertainment Center can grow on.

Can Sales Be Taught? 

Increasing your Family Entertainment Sales

Every Family Entertainment Center needs a great sales process. Birthday parties and groups tend to bring in more returning customers than any other event, which is why we created our Sales Conference! This two-day sales conference will teach your sales team and managers how to make great first impressions and close deals using excellent customer service. Even if your center does not have a dedicated outside sales team, upper management will learn all kinds of information they can bring back to the team.

After this two-day conference, you will learn tactics to master:

  • The Foundation for Sales- Every Great Sales Professional has a Great Sales Process

  • The Inbound Call - convert the inbound call from order taking transaction to a full blown sale

  • The Outbound Call - Build the pipeline and create more new business than you ever imagined

  • Closing Sales

  • Implementing the Sales Process for Birthday Party Inquiries

  • Finding more outbound opportunities to build your Birthday Party Program




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