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Sales Conference

Increasing your Group and Party sales creates a strong foundation your Family Entertainment Center can grow on.

Can Sales Be Taught?

Increasing your Family Entertainment Sales

Every Family Entertainment Center needs a great sales process. Birthday parties and groups tend to bring in more returning customers than any other event, which is why we created our Sales Conference! This two-day sales conference will teach your sales team and managers how to make great first impressions and close deals using excellent customer service. Even if your center does not have a dedicated outside sales team, upper management will learn all kinds of information they can bring back to the team.

After this two-day conference, you will learn tactics to master:

  • The Foundation for Sales- Every Great Sales Professional has a Great Sales Process

  • The Inbound Call - convert the inbound call from order taking transaction to a full blown sale

  • The Outbound Call - Build the pipeline and create more new business than you ever imagined

  • Closing Sales

  • Implementing the Sales Process for Birthday Party Inquiries

  • Finding more outbound opportunities to build your Birthday Party Program

  • Register early and save $100! Regular price $349. Early registration ends May 1st.