Sharon Mooney, Andy B's Tulsa

I want to thank you for a great year of training for the Andy B's Tulsa sales team. After completing one year in the training program, Andy B's increased birthday revenue by 30% YOY and group revenue by 13% YOY. It has been a pleasure working with you and the Trainertainment team.


Karl Ross, Laserdome

I just completed my first 6 outbound calls to past groups using my "Past Group SQF" and it was a very fun and rewarding experience!  Everyone was so happy to talk to me, in fact one person even shared how excited they were to see "laserdome" on the caller id!  In two of the calls I met people who were very helpful in finding the right person for me to speak with.  In one call, I had to do a little more research to find a new phone number, but I found it, and called!

This feels a little bit like the first time we used a checklist at the front counter.  Like, "wow, how did we ever do business without this?" It also feels  like "Wow, this is going to make things so much easier and better!" In the last 2 days I have really enjoyed sharing call stories with all of the managers and hearing yours.

I also realize that soon, most calls that come in where people are asking for "Karl" will be past groups returning my call.  Please be ready to connect and qualify with anyone who asks for me, because chances are they are now ready to make a reservation!

Sales Coaching

The best way to increase your family entertainment sales is through exposure to potential new customers. Our training programs will teach your employees how to make the most out of parties and group events at your bowling alley, roller rink, trampoline park, or any family entertainment center!


Most customer’s first visit to your business will be from a party or group event they have been invited to through a friend. With TrainerTainment’s monthly sales coaching program, we will provide your team with the proper tools needed to book more parties and groups, which will increase your returning customers and drive more sales than you’ve ever had. You will be amazed at how much potential revenue you could be leaving on the table.

Your monthly service commitment gets you:

  • An in-depth analysis of your market and your center’s programs
  • Unique strategy to give your center specific and clear goals to maximize sales performance
  • Weekly coaching calls with our team of experts
  • Access and training to TrainerTainment’s own sales coaching software to set, manage and track sales goals and success
  • Access to Xpress Training, TrainerTainment’s subscription based training tool. It features monthly live webinars and access to our archives, all our training videos, great forms and revenue calculators, and training topics from our book Fun Training, Serious Results
  • One free weekly shop, customized script, evaluate birthday program and up to 3 competitors, recommendations on group sales products, lead generation, and birthday packages
  • Experts to hire and train your sales team
  • Our Mystery Shopper program
  • Trainers to hold your sales team accountable
  • To ultimately, GROW YOUR SALES!