Nancy has been pouring jet fuel on potential all her life.  Whether people or products, her desire has always been to see possibility become reality.  Blessed with years of experience both coaching and leading companies in numerous industries, she's learned lots and uses a multidiscipline approach to make things happen. 

Jet Fuel met dynamite when Trainertainment asked Nancy to join their team to offer Business Coaching to their   clients.  Business Coaching is a new approach to total business management that uses age old practices in a new day system with tools such as the EOS system and performance management.

Prior to JetFuel and Trainertainment, Nancy was a CEO coach with Vistage Int'l where she met Beth Standlee, CEO of Trainertainment.  Nancy was asked to join Vistage as a Chair/CEO Coach after twenty five plus years in the medical industry.   With Vistage, her roles were many: Best Practice Coach for forty-two new chairs, trainer, presenter, and Chair of five groups in Washington, DC, Annapolis, MD, and   Dallas.