Mandy Haws, Sooner Bowling Center

Beth – I loved the audition process for our new party hosts – it really allowed their personality to shine through and as a result we hired some fantastic kids to help us with our newly re–organized and improved birthday parties. Because we hired them well, they really grasped the training and now they play with our birthday kids so well that the word is getting out all over town! And since we trained our desk staff on how to sell them, we have seen an IMMEDIATE increase in parties sold and reserved over the phone – we are also rescheduling cancelations so we keep the parties! Your system works, it works quickly and I am very glad we spent the time, effort and funds to invest in our birthdays.

Great Leader Series™

Great leaders aren't born; they're trained. Whether you're a front line employee seeking a promotion to management or you´re a General Manager needing to sharpen your skills, the Great Leader Series offers something for everyone.

Choose your great leader track for a fantastic one day event or all five tracks for a five day intensive training event.

Track 1: Great Leaders – Train the Trainer

  • Speak Up! Conquer your Fear of Public Speaking

  • The Importance of Professional Appearance

  • Boss or Friend: Which are You?

Track 2: Great Leaders – Embrace Diversity

  • Personality Types

  • Leading a Multi–Generational Team

  • Cultural Diversity

Track 3: Great Leaders – Inspire Great Followers

  • Hiring & Keeping a Winning Team

  • Performance Management

  • Communication

  • Trust & Teamwork

Track 4: Great Leaders – Take Ownership

  • Vision/Mission/Planning

  • Goal Setting

  • Daring to Delegate

  • Managing Your Time

Track 5: Great Leaders – Take Care of Themselves

  • Stress Management

  • Paint Your Life Perfect

  • Achieving a Healthy Work/Life Balance

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