Business Coaching

Take the first step in growing your sales by creating a strong foundation at your business. It starts with your business structure.

Take the first step in growing your sales by creating a strong foundation at your business. It starts with your business structure.

What is Business Coaching?

In a nutshell, business coaching is about bringing your staff together to focus on one common goal. If you’ve ever felt like your business is running you, it may be time to try something different. Remodeling the way your business thrives to create a team environment where every employee feels valued and ready to work hard.

Business coaching for family entertainment centers is about improving your life, growing your sales, and making your employees reach their greatest productivity level and love coming into work.

Why is Business Coaching beneficial?

Business Coaching gets everyone on the same page and helps your employees understand their role in creating a positive atmosphere for your customers. We help you put the right people in the right seats. You know your business best, but we will create a thriving environment for your team to succeed with less effort than you're putting in now.

With business coaching, we focus on a “less is more” strategy to clarify your vision and bring more customers through your door.


It's our job in Business Coaching to help you:

  • see your values reappear in your business, driving all the decisions of your company, and helping your employees create the best customer culture

  • express your vision in a way that inspires everyone to strive to the bigger goal

  • help you get the right people in the right seats

  • work in an operating system that has data driven accountability

We’ll accomplish this with your team through weekly coaching calls with your leadership team, quarterly planning sessions, and annual meetings.

All leaders, whether extremely successful or not come to a point where they hit the ceiling of their own capabilities. You’re solving the same handful of problems, over and over. You have values and you do your best to make decisions based on them. However, there can be a lot lost in translation.

All the potential you need for growth is right under the roof of your center, right at your disposal, right now!

Key Outcomes of Business Coaching

  • Top and bottom-line results

  • Replace drama and putting out fires with accountability, discipline, results and profitability

  • Implementing systems that predict, manage, reward and incentivize performance

  • Communication of your daily and long-term problem solving and confidence in your leadership.

  • Accountability with your team members who own their positions and their results

  • Confidence that your business structure is setup correctly

  • Working more efficiently with fewer staff per dollar of revenue

  • More "wow" in the customer and less "ow!" in leadership

  • Getting your vision and values out of your head and into the hearts of your staff and customers.

  • Developing a system that allows everyone to make decisions based on data and values

  • Creating accountability at all levels - setting expectations for the company, each dept, and eventually each employee and defining how performance is to be measured