What do you enjoy most about working with our clients?

I love it when they get it. Whether I'm speaking with a crowd or working one-to-one with a business owner, sales representative, or front line team member, I get complete joy out of watching them grow. I also LOVE all that I learn by working with others. 


How long have you been in the FEC industry and in what roles?

I started working in the industry in 1994. I've served in outside sales, as sales manager, national sales director for a large chain, general manager, and I sold capital equipment for five years before starting TrainerTainment in 2005. 


What is the most significant thing you have learned working in the FEC industry?

Stuff happens. Things Change. You have to really be paying attention all the time.  Guests’ needs are different at different times in their lives; team members require something different on day 1 than day 90. Sometimes, what works today is stale tomorrow. Pay attention. Have fun. Make sure your "give a darn" meter is turned all the way up!


Which of our core values resonates with you the most?

I don't think we would function very well without all five. However, I believe that if we really got that we were "in service to one another," the world would be a better place. We believe in being in service to others. I think that shines through with our clients, our team, our friends, and family. 


What is your favorite food?

Mexican... chips, queso, fajitas, lots of salsa. Does it really get any better than that?


What is your most watched movie?

The movie I've seen the most is "Gone with the Wind"... seriously. My family was one of the first families on the block to get HBO. Gone with the Wind must have played 50 times one summer. I'm pretty sure I saw it at least 20 of those times!